Welcome to Wessex Racing Club

Welcome to Wessex Racing ClubWelcome to Wessex Racing Club



Structured to reward loyalty

Membership costs £100 per month and our aim is to reduce the fee as we build the club membership. 

How? Our initial target is to achieve 75 members; on signing up the 76th member all club fees will reduce to £90 per month – for as long as we have over 76 members, until we get to 151 members when it will reduce to £80. 

However, the incentive for joining early is that the first 75 members to join will share 50% of any prize money won by the Club horses.

Our goal is to build membership so we can increase the number of horses in the club - more horses, more runners, more prize money, more days out - more fun!


Adding Value to Membership

We will continually add value to club membership – which means regular communications through email, social media, Whatsapp, videos and a website.Stable visits and gallop watching at both Jack Barber and Anthony Honeyball yards.Trips to the races –ballot for owners and trainers tickets when horses run. Blogs and interviews with people involved with both yards and other aspects of racing – and much more.